Aronstam Unique Art

I like to explore people’s boundaries through art – push their comfort level a little. Here’s what I’m excited about right now… ~ Marc

Chesnick kaleidoscopes

You can’t pass a Chesnick kaleidoscope without picking it up and peeking inside. Beautiful and hand-wrought, Chesnik kaleidoscopes are joy-filled — some of the most spectacular wheeled kaleidoscopes available. Each is one-of-a-kind, made with stained glass, gem stones, brass, copper, chrome, and/or fine oiled wood.


Geodes turned Marc on as a kid and still do! Geodes begin to form as mineral-rich water trickles into a rock’s porous surface. Tiny crystals are left behind as the water evaporates. As millions of years pass, the evaporating water gradually builds crystals inside the empty space. Each crystal formation takes its colors from the iron, magnesium, sulfur, or other minerals in the water.

And oh, the colors and gems that lie inside – awaiting unearthing! Marc’s geode collection hails from all over the world. Come explore it!

Rare Artifacts & Artworks

What fun to have unusual discoveries from across the globe and from under the sea gracing the walls and alcoves of your home! Marc picks up what interests him in his travels, and you’ll find these gifts from the earth and rare artifacts throughout the gallery. Marc’s eclectic anthology includes spectacular glass works, antique swords and weapons, and wall panels of prehistoric fossilized fish, primitive cephalopods, graceful ferns, and intricately chambered ammonites. Each has a story. No two are alike.