About Aronstam

I am drawn to gem stones that ‘talk to me.’ It may be their interesting shape or a striking quality. I begin to design to suit the uniqueness of each gem as soon as I see it. But whether I make the piece or not, if it’s in my store, it’s going to be an exceptional piece of jewelry. ~ Marc

People come to Aronstam Fine Jewelers because they want something different. They’ve heard about how Marc Aronstam creates pieces to express the personality or the memories of the jewelry owner, or the love story of the couple. When they’ve seen a stunning piece of jewelry on a friend, they aren’t surprised to hear it comes from Aronstam.

With a single visit to Aronstam Jewelers, you understand. While the gallery is small and intimate, the cases are filled with a remarkable array of jewelry — from edgy new designs in unusual finishes, to antique and baroque settings. You’ll find classic stones in surprising colors, elegant geometric silver, and ornate ethnic pieces in nuanced shades of gold.

Helping our clients select or design the quintessential piece of jewelry is our primary concern. And delight.

Custom Wedding Ring

“The greatest testament I can make to our trust in Marc is to tell the story of our older granddaughter’s wedding ring. Jennifer’s husband Peter bought diamonds while visiting his home in South Africa. Neither he nor Jen would trust the design and creation of the ring to anyone but Marc. So while on a visit from California, they took the stones and their ideas for a Celtic ring to Marc. After emails back and forth, Marc sent the finished ring across the country for their wedding day. Needless to say, they were more than satisfied. Their daughter received her first opal – a small pendant – for her first Christmas.”

~Dr. Carl and Alice Madsen

Custom Opal Design

“Marc Aronstam is ever ready to share his knowledge of opals, to explain the difference between boulder opals, black opals, Mexican opals, opalized shells, and to answer our questions. Always ask, ‘What’s new?’ and wait to be treated to a show. It might be a newly finished ring, or a recently acquired stone awaiting Marc’s inspiration…”

~Dr. Carl and Alice Madsen