10 reasons to come to Aronstam’s Opal Show

2013-opal-showCome to our Opal Show October 3rd – 5th and feast your eyes on opals like you have never seen before. Big, bold, on fire, hugely radiant, in rare opalescent colors.

October 3rd 10am-8pm,

October 4th 10am-6pm

& October 5th from 10am-2pm

If you have ever wondered why I am in love with opals, these pictures say it all. Some of these are opals that I just thought were truly beautiful.  Others are awaiting your pick to be custom-designed into something fabulous.

My top 10 reasons to love opals:

  • They come in every color you can imagine
  • Multiple colors within every stone
  • They are loaded with personality — no two are ever alike
  • They are affordable
  • Their colors change with the light
  • Opals can be showy and outrageous
  • They symbolize healing, success, confidence and loyalty
  • Although they are timeless, opals are hot right now
  • They are fantastically fun to design around

….And the number one reason to love opals?
Opals allow fascinating glimpses into the greatest magic show of all:  earth. Formed deep within the earth, an opal’s color depends on how quickly the volcanic activity around it cooled and what elements were nearby.

My friend Roger flies to Indy each fall to showcase the best and the brightest opals Australia has  — in colors like magenta and emerald green, black and turquoise, gold and blue – and everything in between. The opals in Roger’s collection are amazing!

Stop in for our fiery Opal fest at Aronstam Fine Jewelers. I promise you that you will be awed.

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