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Interchangeable Clasps

One style of jewelry I’m known for carrying, as well as creating in my shop, is interchangeable necklace clasps. Designers like Marcel Roelofs, Gellner, and Jorg Heinz span the stylistic spectrum from classic and conservative to ultra-contemporary. Then there are the pieces I design, and my shop produces. These clasps can be worn on simple…

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The gift that keeps on giving: Aronstam interchangeable clasp necklaces

Several years ago, I was came across a mechanism that allowed me to design clasps and pendants which could be seamlessly interchanged from one piece of jewelry to another. My appreciation of jewelry versatility was about to take off! I started designing a collection of interchangeable clasps and pendants, and showing those from other designers…

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My newest interchangeable pendant

As many of my clients know, I have a lot of gemstones to work with.  Some are recent finds at shows, or from cutters I work with in the US and around the world.  This one contains an assembled gemstone called and intarsia, by Steve Walters, one of my favorite cutters because of his shapes…

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