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The Green Garnets

Most people born in January know their birthstone is the garnet. Most people who know that think of garnets as red. Predominantly, that’s true. Of the six species of garnet, one is exclusively red, and three others grow in – if not true red – very warm tones from orangey red to brownish red. But…

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Anyone who has ever been into my store and looked at my custom work knows I’m a fan of colored gemstones. I especially like warm tones. Carnelian, rubellite, coral, citrine: I love working with those colors. One of my favorites is spessartite garnet. You’d be hard-pressed to find another orange in the whole gem world…

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Garnet – January

Garnets have been called a lot of things over the years, but never once have they been called “underappreciated.” Whether it’s the “fire-eyed” pyrope, or the traditional carbuncle, garnets have been known and treasured for thousands of years. Garnets can shine so brightly that they were once believed to glow in the dark. During the…

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