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On the 8th Day of Christmas…

Varna Platinum – 25% Discount Varna Platinum specializes in hand-engraved jewelry. They take their name from Varna, Bulgaria – hometown of founder and owner Garo Chividjian. Garo is one of my best friends in the industry, and probably the finest craftsman I have ever met. When Garo immigrated to the US in 1980, it didn’t…

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Varna bridal whispers romance – built around your dreams

Varna jewelry takes its name from Varna, Bulgaria, a center for fine jewelry craftsmanship. That’s where my friend Garo first began learning his craft, before bringing his world-renowned craftsmanship to Los Angeles, California. Varna was the first to bring a renaissance to hand engraved vintage designs, the first of the main designers of this realm….

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