60th Annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

2-1 Feb #2 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

I’m in Tucson! I come here every year to look for cool gems to add to my collection to design with. And every year, I go with a stack of wish lists from my clients. Some want a specific color, and some want a certain gem. Others want me to find them one of the wonderful geodes or fossils I display in my showroom to put in their study or office lobby. I even have people who tell me to just bring them back whatever I think is “too cool.” I love it. But the all know I will totally exceed their expectations.

Even though I’m already gone, it’s not too late to have me search for something for you if you decide you want something like that. Come in, talk to my staff, and they will get you in contact with me out in Tucson.

And remember: even though the Tucson Show is a yearly event, I never know what I’ll find, or what I’ll bring back. Keep in touch to find out what I encountered this year, and if anything stood apart enough for me to have bring it to my showroom for Indianapolis to appreciate.

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