Aronstam-designed custom jewelry demands one-on-one communication

Occasionally, I’m asked about my favorite part of custom jewelry design work. I love that question because people are so often surprised by my answer: The people I work with.

I know, it sounds hokey. But trust me, it’s true. When a customer comes into Aronstam Fine Jewelers for a custom jewelry piece, it’s generally because he or she is looking to express something inside that they haven’t yet found a way to express. It’s my job to find out what that “something” is. That’s where the creative journey begins for me.

So, my first question is never going to be, “What’s your budget?” It’s more likely to be something like, “Tell me about yourself.” That’s because I know I’ll need to design the custom piece to express the personality, the passion, the memories or the love story of that customer.

If I’m designing custom jewelry for a woman – especially if it’s at the request of her husband, fiancé or family, I always request a meeting with the woman who will be wearing the piece. It’s vital so that I can get an idea of her personality, her hair color and skin tone, understand her style, and find out what she likes and — what she doesn’t. Without doing that first, it would be like designing jewelry blind-folded.

So yes, I love my work, I’m a people-person and a jewelry geek. And – I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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