Aronstam Fine Jewelers wish lists – best place to note your “must haves”

Aronstam Fine Jewelers wish lists – best place to note your “must haves”If you were at this month’s Opal Trunk Show, no doubt you saw several pieces of opal jewelry you lusted for. Or maybe you swooned over a new custom piece in one of our display cases.

Whatever it is that spoke to you, speak to us about it. We are happy to help you make your heart’s desires known by registering them on our “Holiday (or birthday or anniversary) Wish List.”

Nothing at all to feel guilty about! I see husbands, significant others and family members agonizing over what they pick out for their sweetie – hoping it is what he or she wants. When it comes to buying the right thing, as a guy, I know very well that the task can be tough. Asking for just what you want is a good thing – and much appreciated!

Gift-givers want to get their gifts right. But often times, tastes in jewelry can be difficult to know. Styles change, tastes change, sometimes ring sizes can change. Aronstam’s Wish List is a way to help get that gift choice right. He will appreciate knowing you are giving her something she really wants. And – she will also be pleased that you want her to have what she loves.

So – word to the wise: Make your wishes known. The staff at Aronstam Fine Jewelers will take care of the rest!

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