Aronstam Fine Jewelry is contemporary. And antique. And traditional

It’s easy to get pigeon-holed as one type of jewelry designer or another. Some of my Aronstam custom clients know me for my intricate, more traditional, custom jewelry designs. Others, for my starker, simpler, contemporary creations.

Truth is, I want to be known for my original custom jewelry work. Whether that is simple and elegant or elaborate with intricate detailing. As long as the end product is loved – and worn – I am happy.

Here’s a quote from a custom client I’ve known for a very long time:

“Although Marc may be better known for some of the contemporary pieces he designs, he does beautiful work for those of us with more traditional design tastes, too. In fact, I think Marc’s amazing skills as a craftsman are often more apparent with his old fashioned or antique-looking pieces because they can be so intricate.”

Here’s another from that same customer:

 “Marc designed a diamond-shaped white gold pendant for me, knowing how much I love the look of antique jewelry. The pendant has two different faces, one sapphire with diamonds, and the other, adorned with pearls. He set the pendant off beautifully with an antique white gold chain with a custom hook, so I can wear the pendant long, short, or double-stranded. In essence, I have a single pendant I can wear six different ways. How cool is that?”

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