Why a blog about Aronstam Fine Jewelers?

My work as a custom jewelry designer and as the owner of Aronstam Fine Jewelers over the past 45 years or so has given me an amazing perspective on those I serve.

I’ve noticed how my customers express themselves through what they wear, what details are important to them, and how they choose special jewelry for those that they love. For those wanting something reflecting their style and personality, but not knowing exactly what they want, I work at hearing what they say and what they don’t to understand what is in their mind and heart. Truly, it’s a fascinating place to be. Especially since I love what I do.

So why am I going to blog about it? And more importantly, what might be gained by your reading these blogs?

Well, I think a blog is a great way to share a bit of my perspective with my customers. For someone who hasn’t yet worked with me, it can provide insight on what sets my store and my designs apart. For friends and clients of mine, I can share cool and unique finds from my travels. Plus, I’ll tell you about up and upcoming jewelry trends, and new Aronstam gemstone finds, and reveal a few favorite creations and new lines before they make their way to our cases.

I also want to let my clients and customers in on what’s going on around town, from special events at our store to noteworthy nonprofit Indianapolis events I think are well worth supporting and attending.

Most of all, I want to begin a dialog, answer questions, and share and connect in a new way. People may first come to Aronstam Fine Jewelers because they want a stunning piece of jewelry. But they come back because of the personal experience they have had. And that begins with good, effective, and sometimes even intimate communication. My hope is that this blog helps begin that journey.

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