Aronstam has supporting role at the Heartland Film Festival

I don’t know about you, but going to the movies was a weekend highlight of my boyhood and teenage years. I loved becoming so engrossed in the movie that the real world virtually disappeared for and hour and a half while I lived another life.

I still love the way movies can transport me, teach me, and make an impact. That’s one reason I love the Heartland Film Festival. Not only are the 118 films in this year’s festival phenomenal, but they are all independently made. Each has an unforgettable message. Each will absolutely move you.

Indy’s annual 10-day celebration of independent film is the place where The Heartland Film Festival honors independent filmmakers and helps promote the movies they make. Mark your calendar for October 18th through the 27th and support the arts and independent films.

In addition to watching many independent movies I already know will enjoy, as a Marquee sponsor, I will also be on hand the Crystal Heart Awards at the Heartland Film Festival Awards Gala on Saturday evening, October 20th at the Canterbury Hotel. The Crystal Heart award is close to my heart. I designed it especially for Heartland several years ago and have been involved in the gala ever since.

I hope you’ll join The Heartland Film Society and support independent films. Or consider buying a family pack of tickets and see as many of these marvelous films as you can. See you at the movies!

We’re at the Heart of Heartland. We have several Festival tickets and goodies with daily giveaways at the store. Come in and see us and sign up.

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