Aronstam TLC Appraisals & Antique Repair

Appraisal of an Amethyst GemDid you know that Aronstam Fine Jewelry offers professional appraisals?  We can value any item, and since we can also recreate it, insurance companies love our concise appraisals, complete with photographs.

We can also restore virtually any gold, platinum or silver jewelry, and expertly match older unique designs to bring your pieces back to life. If a piece is too worn, we can recreate it as it was when it was new.

One such restoration was a ring that was so worn out that it was beyond repair.  We recreated it for our client, the 4th generation to wear it. Her grandmother said, with tears in her eyes, that our piece looked exactly like it did when her husband presented it to her for their wedding. I like that.

Our state-of-the-art repair equipment allows us to see and repair microscopic problems like hairline cracks, loose prongs, poorly mounted gem stones, and damage due to wear, poor craftsmanship, or thinning or deteriorating metal.  We can perfectly match and replace missing gem stones, and provide for the re-cutting of damaged stones as needed.

Bring your items in need of tender loving care for a repair estimate or to update your appraisals so you are properly insured.

At Aronstam Fine Jewelers, we are proud to have the ability and years of experience to do expert repairs and custom work for our clients… all here on premises.

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