Caring for your Tanzanite

tanzanite dichroismI’m big on making sure people are not only smart jewelry buyers; I like to make sure people are smart jewelry owners. With tanzanite, I’ve found this is especially important. There are a couple of points about tanzanite I think every person who owns, or is thinking of purchasing, a tanzanite should know.

Tanzanite is beautiful, and it deserves to be worn. There’s nothing quite like it in the colored gem world. Deep, mysterious blues and rich, satiny violets are hard enough to come by, and tanzanite captures them both nicely.

But as beautiful as it is, tanzanite is a little on the fragile side. It’s kind of soft, and it’s sensitive to direct blows. So if you have a tanzanite ring you wear all the time, keep an eye out for scratching or chips. Or better yet, bring your tanzanite jewelry into my store for a complimentary inspection and cleaning.

The point is, don’t wear your tanzanite rings doing rough activities like gardening or household chores. Or weightlifting…I’ve heard that one, too.

With expensive jewelry, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Tanzanite is definitely in that category. You should never put your tanzanite in an ultrasonic cleaner or use a pressurized steam cleaner on it. I’m always happy to clean your jewelry for you, and my staff will take exceptional care with your goods. We know what each kind of gemstone can and cannot take, and we’ve got special methods for cleaning up the more sensitive pieces, like tanzanite.

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