Christmas is Closing In

ec2007.11.25This is just a friendly reminder that the holiday season is upon us.

Christmas is now six weeks away. That’s it. That’s the amount of time most special orders take, so your window to have me order or make something in time for you to have it by Christmas is rapidly closing. Special orders from my vendors and custom jobs out of my shop are all under this umbrella. While I have a fair measure of control over the latter depending on the length of my custom queue, I have almost zero control over when my vendors tell me they can’t make something in time for Christmas.

As you all know, I have a beautiful store full of wonderful things, but my space is finite. I can’t fit everything I want to in my show room, and so there is bound to be something I don’t have. Chances are: one of you out there wants one of those things I don’t have on hand. To alleviate some excess stress, I’d recommend coming in sooner rather than later to figure it out.

Coming in to see what might be of interest and talking to my staff and I about what you are looking for is a painless process, I promise.  Hopefully, you’ll feel more prepared to face the holidays by getting some of your gifts, if not purchased, at least identified.

And remember, you can’t stop Christmas from coming.


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