A Collection of Art Glass

Anyone who has set foot in my store knows I sell much more than jewelry. I carry giftware, too, but my stuff ain’t your Aunt Golde’s silver flatware. I love conversation pieces. I have many, many natural rock formations and fossils, but I especially love collecting art glass.

I carry the work of artists such as Chesnik and Sue Rioux, who produce some of the most captivating stained glass kaleidoscopes I’ve ever encountered. They don’t take up much counterspace, and although they are centered on aesthetics, they are still functional and interactive.

I carry the work of artists like Chris Heilman, who 3-dimensional blown glass scenes are stupendous in both technique and beauty. They’re sculptures, really, created in layers from the outside in.

And then there’s Jane Tivol, who creates dichroic fused glass plates. Not only are they wonderful to look upon, interesting, and eye-catching, but Jane says they are food-safe. They’d be some of the fanciest serving platters and hors d’oeuvres plates I’ve ever seen, but the fact is: they can be used for more than wall-hangings.

The art glass I carry ranges from just $25 for one of Tivol’s small “Kiss plates” to well over a thousand for some of Heilman’s larger pieces. The kaleidoscopes by Sue Rioux and Chesnik Scopes are generally a few hundred dollars.

As wedding season approaches, and you’re out shopping for a unique wedding gift – or an any-occasion gift – I’d encourage you to stop in and check out the art glass I keep in stock. Even if you’re not looking to buy, they’re fun to just look at.

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