Gaia Pelikan Brings Alchemy to Aronstam Jewelers

When I saw Gaia Pelikan’s jewelry, I was knocked out by his ability to transform small pieces of history and nature into wearable, one-of-a-kind art. It is his almost magical precious metal transformations that have earned Gaia the description of an “alchemist.” A master goldsmith, he is known for mixing precious metals and pairing them with unexpected materials, many from nature.

Gaia Pelikan is most famous for his unusual wedding bands, especially for gentlemen. I have many guys that come in to Aronstam Fine Jewelers wanting “something simple.” My response is, “How far up the ‘cool scale’ do you want to go?” Then I show them Gaia Pelikan’s jewelry work. Very cool, edgy and wearable, and yes, the guys love it!

Gaia pairs18k rose gold with forged stainless steel, and rough hewn oxidized steel against brilliant platinum, maybe set with trillion cut diamonds. He breaks the rules — and — ends up on the fingers and on the lips of celebrities who love him for his revolutionary ideas.

Personally, I love Gaia’s use of fossils and historic finds such as scarabs and “turquoise mummy beads” dating from the 18th Egyptian dynasty. His collection often includes ammonite and trilobite fossils or carved ivory, setting them among black South Sea pearls, lapis, channel set diamonds, and a variety of metals. His rings, especially, are like talismans. When they speak to you, you simply cannot take your eyes off them. Gaia Pelikan is a master at his craft.

‘Stunning’ and ‘revolutionary’ don’t even begin to describe the Pelikan jewelry line. You’ve got to come into my store to see what I’m talking about.

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