Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Gifts for the Men in Your LifeThere are two times every year I can almost set my watch by. The first is the day after Mother’s Day. The second is the week after Thanksgiving. Why do those dates matter? Well, the first one is the first day people start thinking about Father’s Day. The second is when most people start seriously shopping for Christmas.

Every single year, I get a handful of women who come in around those times saying the same thing: “I don’t know what to get him.” Or, occasionally, I’ll get a lady who already has her main gift either picked out or already bought, and she wants one last little thing to throw in. My shortest reply to that statement is, “Guys like stuff that works.”

There’s no reason to try to complicate things. If it has moving parts, it counts. If it has a function (or multiple – even better) to help us accomplish something, that counts, too. We like tools, and not just the kind you plug into a wall.

That’s not to say you should be blasé about it. Socks are functional and usually necessary. But they’re socks. There’s a fine line between simplistic and uncomplicated. Try these out for size.

Watches work. Watches have a purpose beyond taking up space. I’ve got some fine designer watches on clearance right now I’d love to find good homes for from Ebel and Breitling. I’ve got a few estate watches on hand, too. There’s an Omega Constellation with an 18k yellow gold case I just got in.

Too pricey?  There’s a line I literally just got into stock a couple weeks ago called Colibri that has some great price options. Colibri makes stuff that works, too: pens, lighters, cigar cutters, and cufflinks all serve a purpose and look good doing it. I’ve got jet-flame lighters and soft flame lighters. I’ve got butterfly cutters and vertical-slide cutters. Colibri’s pens are made with tungsten rollerball cartridges that just glide over the page. Most of Colibri’s line is under $100, and everything I have in stock is under $200.

Of course, there’s always William Henry Studio. Every guy needs a pocketknife, and these are the most artistic, most wonderfully crafted pocketknives I’ve ever seen. But they also make higher end pens from things like pattern-welded Damascus steel, aerospace grade titanium, and fossilized wooly mammoth teeth. Those are all things your men will love to talk about and show off to their friends.

William Henry Studio also produces money clips and the coolest divot tools in the world. Anything with an automatic mechanism that makes a nice click! when you open it translates as functional to a guy. Come in and check them out to see what I mean. If you’ve never seen this line before, you’ll be blown away.

So you see? Men aren’t difficult to shop for. We don’t “already have everything.” I guarantee you I’ve got something the man in your life wants and doesn’t have, or has and wants more of it. Stop by, and I’ll show you some ideas.

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