Have you seen my latest little black diamond number?

blackdiamondsBlack diamonds are smokin’ hot. And they are sensual – even a little edgy and mysterious. I enjoy working with them and pairing them with other metals, as they look amazing next to gold OR silver. And they look very sexy against bare skin.

What’s so special about black diamonds? I think it’s how they hold the light. In muted light, they go dark and smokey. In brighter light, their facets catch the light and they sparkle.

Natural black diamonds get their color by dark inclusions or carbon impurities. The greater in number and the more evenly distributed the carbon is throughout the stones, the blacker the diamond.

I look for black diamonds called Fancy Black – all natural. Never color treated like you will find in department stores and many other jewelry stores.

One of my latest custom pieces is this highly wearable little black diamond and 18k gold piece. At 38” long, this silky and sparkly number would look just as great thrown over a casual top as it would cascading down the neckline of a strapless dress.

The key to this unusual look? The silky handmade 18k gold tubular beads. They are just the right size and shape to set off and the carefully matched black diamonds. And because the chain has an extender clasp –it goes a little longer when you need that extra length.

Black diamonds can be darkly exquisite – or radiantly shiny – it all depends on the light. So – black is the new diamond. And you should be wearing it!

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