If it’s at Aronstam Fine Jewelry, it’s built right

marc-aronstamWhether we’re talking about a custom piece of mine, or a designer piece of jewelry, I won’t carry anything that is not superbly designed and crafted.

This is more important than ever as the price of gold, platinum and silver continues to rise. But it’s not just the price of fine jewelry that concerns me. It is the quality, value, and design I’m interested in. And quite frankly, I find that lacking in much of the jewelry that is out there… it all looks the same.

So much of the jewelry you see today is designed and finished by computer generated CAD-CAM machines. I can’t help but feel that jewelry created this way is soul-less. Careful designing, hand carving or fabricating, and hand finishing is what a beautiful timeless piece of jewelry is all about. A lot of thought, feel, and beauty are lost when the machines do the work instead of a person. The pieces that hold their value and beauty through time are handmade, not outputted by a computer.

Fine jewelry is truly an investment; but just as much an investment of taste, quality, and craftsmanship as it is in the cost of the item.

One of the most consistent comments about my custom work and the designer lines I carry relates to its quality. That’s a non-negotiable point. When you come into the Aronstam Fine Jewelry showroom, whether you are having an engagement ring designed or getting an appraisal, you will leave knowing your jewelry was built with infinite attention to detail and craftsmanship– or your appraisal was complete, thorough, and highly detailed.

That’s my promise to you.

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