Introducing Dabakarov

DabakarovI just picked up a designer line that has actually been around for about thirty years. Over the course of its history, Dabakarov has evolved to keep up with the trending styles of jewelry. While I personally believe that trends are as fickle as the sea, and a truly fine piece of jewelry is timeless as long as it continues to be pleasing to the wearer, currently en vogue jewelry designs are still subject to that ideology. Jewelry is supposed to be fun and personal, and Dabakarov does that right.

Dabakarov incorporates lots of color – and you all know how much I love color – into their designs. Their designs also run the gamut from structural and geometric to free-form and whimsical. They have even successfully executed both in the same piece. Dabakarov leans toward minimalist metallic elements, leaving the lush assortment of gems they use to stand to the fore, while still maintaining the security of their settings.

As far as fine jewelry as a fashion accessory goes, Dabakarov represents an excellent value for the look. Big gems as centerpieces with plenty of pavé diamonds coalesce with their filigree and crossover styles for an intriguing overall visual appeal. Glitzy or understated, Dabakarov covers the bases quite well.

I invite you to stop in some time to look over this marvelous collection. It’s fancy and playful, and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like.

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