Lashbrook Wedding Bands

LashbrookIf you’re getting married this summer, hopefully you’ve already started looking at wedding bands for both parties involved. But whether or not you have, there’s a line I carry I think you might consider if you’re into more contemporary or edgy styles.

Lashbrook designs and produces wedding bands, but their jewelry is not your grandpa’s plain gold band. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the simplicity of a gold band. It’s the symbolism that matters, but some people have a style that’s a little less traditional.

Lashbrook makes their wedding bands out of cutting edge materials like aerospace grade titanium and ceramics. They incorporate ancient art forms like mokume gane and pattern-welded Damascus steel. They use inlays like carbon fiber and exotic hardwoods.

Despite specialization in the contemporary, Lashbrook has not forsaken the classics. The unique designs and textures they utilize in their titanium rings and other alternative metals can also be applied to the precious metals – gold, platinum, and palladium.

Some would argue that Lashbrook is one-dimensional. While not inaccurate, that’s a rather myopic statement. There’s an old Bulgarian saying my friend Garo uses: “Give bread to the baker.” They might only do one thing, but Lashbrook does it better than anyone else I’ve come across. Alternative metals are a totally different world than what I’m equipped to deal with in my shop, and Lashbrook is the first place I go when someone asks about things like titanium wedding bands.

I use the term “versatile” to describe Lashbrook because they offer such a high level of customization within their expansive roster of designs. When you’re looking in my Lashbrook case, you can literally pick out five rings, take one different aspect from each of them, and Lashbrook will make it for you. I can count on one hand the number of times they’ve told me “No” about an alternative metal design. If Lashbrook can’t do it, I don’t know anyone else who can.

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