Marc Aronstam gets bold with new fall jewelry trends

Black PearlHaving recently returned from the Las Vegas Jewelry Show, there is lots to talk about when it comes to hot trends in jewelry! Donna and I saw lots of gold, lots of pearls and lots of larger semi-precious stones.

Let’s begin with gold. Gold is now at a 2 ½ year low right now. With prices being more affordable, it is popping up everywhere. Expect to see more gold rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Long, long necklaces in sterling and gold combinations are big fashion statements. We brought back several – including oxidized and black rhodium finishes combined with high karat gold. Layering several at a time is everywhere.

Mix and match gem stones are popular, too. The rich color of some of the gem stone pieces we brought back to our Indianapolis store will show off your confidence! We have several larger semiprecious stones set in lighter gold mountings with diamond accents. Layer them with plain gold necklaces, and try varying lengths together. Or, our semiprecious stone necklaces are good statement pieces worn alone.

We also saw lots of pearls in hugely varied colors. Bridal pearls are still white, of course, but fashion pearls are trending yellow, especially in larger sizes. Tahitian pearls are big (literally and figuratively), some combined with other semi-precious stones. We brought back some Tahitian pearls “gap-strung” together for an off-beat, asymmetrical fashion statement.

As always on the fashion scene, there’s a fair amount of “anything goes” when it comes to fine jewelry trends. And frankly, I second that. I believe a woman should wear jewelry that feels ‘right” on her and looks good against her skin.

If you have a favorite piece that has sentimental value but is slightly outdated, wear it anyway. (Or have it redesigned in a way that allows it do become more contemporary without taking away from its sentiment. I’m always happy to talk to you about that.)

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