Marc Aronstam on custom men’s rings

msa00353In my opinion, something that gets too little attention opinion is men’s custom rings. I have guys come in who just have the attitude of “I just want something simple, a plain band”. My response to this has always been, “OK, fine, but how far up on the cool scale do you want?”

Typically, men want to leave the ‘flash’ to their other half and tend to not give a lot of thought to exploring their personal taste in jewelry. That’s were my talent lies — bringing out what they truly want their ring to express.

Surprisingly to the guys, we have a blast seeing the variety of cool ring choices and understanding proportion. They get to know how and why certain shapes, sizes and colors look right on their hand.

Then we get into metal choices. Choices are not limited to gold, silver, or platinum, but also to the varieties within these metals. There are combinations, of course, but also some truly stunning new alternative metals like titanium, cobalt chrome, black zirconium, Damascus steel (layered and folded steel), mokume gane’ (wood grain metal), carbon fiber, stainless steel, and even ceramics.

Whole new worlds open up for them with totally new possibilities. Frequently, a guy will buy two bands; one for everyday and another as a “utility” band to guys to wear during sports, boating, wood working, and the like.

Of course, I do custom work for men, too. Depending on the size of the elements, complexity, and ring size, I adjust the proportions of the layout to work with the overall design. I have done custom men’s rings with galloping horses, religious motifs, celtic knots, fish bones, tire treads, hand carved textures and more. I love working with my clients ideas and showing them what can be done.

Thinking about a man’s custom wedding band a little different now? Fantastic! Let’s get started!

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