Marc Aronstam on Vario clasps

Vario ClaspI’m here to tell you that sometimes, you can beat the system. Especially when the “system” has been engineered to work for you!

I’m talking about our interchangeable Vario clasps for pearl necklaces – and many other types of necklaces as well. If you haven’t heard me rave about these, then you haven’t been reading my blogs lately – or been in the store to see my growing collection!

Interchangeable clasps are specially designed to connect on both sides to your pearls. But first, your pearls need to be restrung with connectors, which is a relatively quick process at Aronstam Jewelers, and well worth the time and energy to do. Once your pearls have been fitted, simply add a connector clasp and you have changed the look of your strand from run-of-the-mill to extraordinary.

The great thing about the whole system is everything works with everything else. My customers’ pearls go from “every day to extravagant” by changing out their clasps. The happy result? They get a lot more wear from their pearls.

But wait — we’re not just talking pearls here! You can get stingray, rubber, gold chains, stone, sterling, stainless steel and other neckwear to show off your collection of clasps and my one-of-a-kind pendants. Or – you can change old pins and other loved jewelry pieces into custom designed Vario clasp pendants to wear with everything.

Upscale to bohemian… and everything in between… bridge your jewelry collection together with versatile, collectible clasps.

Bring in your pearls and your pins – and start your own collection!

Truly, one of the most versatile design elements I have ever found. This allows all of your pearls, chains, rubber cords, stone necklaces, to be worn with your collection of interchangeable clasps and pendants. Turn your pearls into ART!, Turn that old pin or cool art object into a pendant. Just bring things that you don’t wear any more, or would like to get more use out of, and see what we can do.

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