Mother’s Jewelry – Custom designs in time for Mother’s Day

030520141154Mother’s Day is coming up. Don’t believe me? Check your calendar. May 11th is two months away. That may seem a little far in advance to make dinner reservations, but it’s just about right to start a custom jewelry design.

Mother’s jewelry (rings, pendants, bracelets, etc.) has been dumbed down and commercialized for years, and that is such a shame to what can be one of the most heartfelt and sentimental pieces of jewelry a woman may ever own. For those blessed with children, there is something truly special about celebrating them in one exquisite statement.

Every mother is different; every child is different. Why, then, should every piece of mother’s jewelry look or feel the same? There’s no reason for something designed so specifically for someone to be generic. Even if you follow the lines of birthstones, most birthstones are available in multiple natural colors, and most months have alternate choices of birthstone.

I try to break out of the box of normalcy every chance I get. My designs for mother’s jewelry are no exception. I’ve created mother’s jewelry of all kinds. If you are interested in how I can breathe fresh life into what some people may consider a tired cliché, stop by to see me, or call in and schedule an appointment.

And if a mother’s ring, or other style of mother’s jewelry, isn’t the way to go for you, please come in and talk to me about what you are looking for in a piece of jewelry you may be thinking about for Mother’s Day. I like talking to people. And I would love to show you what I can do.

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