My favorite adventures begin with “Can you find me a….”

dscn1179It usually begins with a tour of the Aronstam showroom, and questions about some of the more unique items on display. If you’ve been to the store on East 82nd Street just off River Road, you know what I mean.

The two giant pod-like amethyst geodes that bookend the front door will lead to checking out other geodes I have in my back office. And that may move on to a conversation about the Chinese river stones I love to collect… or African trade beads… or the huge piece of fossilized fish hanging on my wall… or that large piece of citrine I have sitting on my bench, awaiting it’s “calling.”

My passion is jewelry design, absolutely. AND – my passion is for the unusual, the oddities of nature, fossil gifts from deep inside the earth, unusually colored gem stones, interesting rocks, bones, carvings, opalized fossil shells, ancient coral… the list is endless, really.

What’s great fun is when my collection begins to turn the creative wheels in another’s mind. It is truly a joy to see someone else “get” what I get – and want to own something that is truly amazing and one of a kind.

Last month I traveled to Tuscon, Arizona for the huge gem show there. I went looking to find more interesting “finds” for my showroom and private collection. And I also went armed with a list of “Can you find me’s?” and had a blast tracking down the unique requests.

I came back with several “found requests” for oversized geodes for client display, 2 huge wall pieces of fossilized wall art for an office space, (other examples here).

Do you know someone that is hard to buy for? Let’s talk.

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