My favorite gem show is just ahead: Tucson

cimg2458I can’t begin to express how much I enjoy the Annual Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. The show, which in one form or another from the end of January through most of February and is the largest such show in the US. Personally, I think it’s the best in the world.

This year’s show, the 59th annual, is themed “Fluorite, Colors of the Rainbow,” and focused on unusual colored gem stone and mineral variations from around the globe. That suits me just fine.

To me, this show is a treasure hunt. When I see a gem stone that really captures my attention, my creative side just lights up!

I immediately begin to see all the different ways I could design a piece of jewelry around it to highlight or accentuate what’s special about the stone. And at Tucson, I get to “browse” selections from all over the world.

Another interesting aspect to the Tucson Show is that there will be plenty of fossils and lapidary work (specialized custom cut gems) exhibited. Imagine a line of dinosaurs carved into the center of a piece of ‘moss edged agate’ in 3D. Or a celestial city from someone’s imagination?  True masters of gem carving show off their skills there.

If you’ve been to my showroom, you know I’m a fossil freak, too. To me, fossils and gemstones are “art from the earth.” I’ll absolutely come back with breathtaking new specimens to add to my collection. (**Did you know that I will personally hunt out pieces for your homes, offices, or wherever you choose? Take a look at what I show at the store and we can talk about what you would like for your own Art from the Earth.)**

I have found massive to small amethyst and citrine geodes, ammonite and crinoid garden wall panels of slate from Germany, dinosaur head skeletons, cephalopod and mixed organism panels from Pakistan, Chinese river stones (a favorite of mine), Chinese flower stones, fish and plant fossil panels from Green River Wyoming, beautiful panels, table tops and polished pieces of petrified wood and more.

You have a personal invitation to stop in my store in late February and March and see what treasures I’ve brought back with me – and see what new custom creations I can make for you.

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