Now’s the time to meet with me to create a one-of-a-kind holiday gift

Now’s the time to meet with me to create a one-of-a-kind holiday giftSounds trite to say, but it’s so true: The holidays really will be here before you know it!  So — if this is the year you want to make a memory for someone with a special custom piece, you and I should be talking very soon.

Don’t think for a moment I am just talking to the men about creating a custom holiday piece for a woman.  I design custom men’s jewelry as well.  Some of the ideas for men include one of my ancient coin rings or pendants, (some I have done with old bronze arrowheads). Guys get into wearing something that is over 2000 years old.  Cufflinks and studs with ancient coins, opals, meteorites, and other stones that I have in my collection, always make a very cool statement.  Ask about what kind of gemstones would wear well in a man’s ring and we can start there.

Some of my favorite custom jewelry designs have involved a family engagement ring, brooch or other nostalgic piece of jewelry that holds precious memories from many generations for a woman. She may want to re-imagine this piece as a special holiday gift for a daughter, granddaughter or daughter-in-law.

How we “re-imagine” the new piece of jewelry is always an interesting process. I can restore it, bringing it back to life, or if too far worn I can recreate it to look like the day it was originally presented. Or I can alter it into something completely new; a necklace or a ring, for instance (or vice versa).  Often I will make a brooch that has sat in a jewelry box for years into a new pendant that can be worn on pearls, cords, or chains, using the interchangeable system that we have become known for.  I always take the personality, age and style of the new owner into perspective while maintaining the integrity or romance of the original piece. It’s a wonderful process to be a part of.

Sometimes, custom work begins “from the other side” of the equation. You can bring in jewelry you no longer wear, and together, we can design a new piece for you, or someone you love. We can use your existing gemstones and/or add new stones.

Of course, you and I can also start with an idea, a look, or a feeling, and create something wonderful from there, too. It’s all incredibly fun, creative and satisfying to make new memories from old– for you, for me, and especially, for the person receiving the new design.

Grab your sketches, ideas, heirloom jewelry, and call me… or just stop in to see what we can do.  Let the holiday magic begin!

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