On the 12th Day of Christmas…


Alisa – 30% Discount

Another popular line of sterling silver I carry is an Italian company called Alisa. Alisa takes the sterling silver renaissance in a different direction than Hardy, Yurman, and Atencio. While some of Alisa’s pieces may be able to be classified as “chunky,” there aren’t too many. Alisa offers a more subtle, romantic look oriented around finer details, rather than emphasizing boldness of structure.

Alisa incorporates small diamond accents and traces of 18k yellow gold to exceptional effect. They offer just enough contrast to the satin-finished silver to stand out and be noticed, but not so much so as to overbear the piece. Alisa’s look is very textural; it looks as though the silver has been woven together, yet they are still solid pieces that don’t wear like actual woven silver.

Now through Christmas Eve, I’m offering 20% off on all merchandise in my store, excluding loose diamonds. For today only – that’s Tuesday, December 24, 2013, from 10AM to 3PM – I’m offering 30% off of all Alisa merchandise I have in stock.

It’s the last shopping day before Christmas. Come in and take advantage of my last deal of the year. I may even have other special prices to offer if you just ask one of my people…

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