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Philip Stein Natural Frequency Technology® timepieces – 30% Discount

I don’t carry too many watches these days, but Philip Stein is one that I’m glad to keep around. Many Philip Stein watches feature dual time-zone movements, so if you’re a traveler, or you do business regularly with someone in another time zone, you can always keep an eye on what time it is there. They work with some beautiful materials: mother-of-pearl faces, diamond bezels, ad durable stainless steel cases of various shapes.

They also have interchangeable straps. There are several watch case sizes in this line, and each one features a series of straps from fun and colorful exotic leathers to chic stainless bracelets with diamond accents for an evening out. You don’t need any fancy tools to switch them out, either. Philip Stein designs their watch straps to be removed and installed with your bare hands.

But that’s not the best part. Check out this excerpt directly from Philip Stein:

“Everything – from our own cells and bodies, to the water, plant life, and materials that make up our environments – resonates or operates at a certain frequency.” – www.philipstein.com

If you drive out to the power stations where all the big transformers are on the outskirts of a town, you’re surrounding yourself with artificially produced electromagnetic frequencies. If you take a fluorescent tube light with you and wave it around in the air close to the towers, that thing’s going to glow. That energy bombarding us through the air is what Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology® helps to ward off from our bodies.

I have customers who swear by these things. They tell me they feel less stressed. They tell me they sleep better. They tell me they think more clearly and focus longer. I even have some clients who own more than one so that if one ever has to be repaired, they won’t be without the “Feel Good” technology.

Now through Christmas Eve, I’m offering 20% off on all merchandise in my store, excluding loose diamonds. For today only – that’s Friday, December 13, 2013, from 10AM to 7PM – I’m upping that to 30% off of all the Philip Stein merchandise I have in stock: watches, straps, bracelets – all of it.

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