One small step for you. A giant leap into jewelry gift-giving ease – for the future.

Heart-Valentines-DayValentine’s Day is on its way, guys. Don’t shudder and don’t give up. I have a fantastic, affordable and sentimental solution for you:

A brilliant gold or silver charm with your initials entwined. Plain lettering or romantic and intricate. Maybe add a small diamond between the letters. Or write her name out in her handwriting. Better yet, your handwriting! String the charm on a bracelet or a necklace of your choice.

Here’s where it gets interesting: On her birthday, you’ll know exactly what to get her. Add a birthstone charm. Or a gold or silver key.

On your anniversary, add a heart-shaped charm. Put the date you met or married on the reverse. Having a baby? Add a name on a charm with the birth date.

For Christmas, have a quote, your favorite song title, or a line of poetry engraved on a dog tag. Or add a bracelet or a different length necklace.

You see where this is going? One small step for you = one giant leap into jewelry gift-giving ease – and perfection! Your special occasions just got infinitely easier and more creative.

The Heather B. Moore collection of personalized jewelry at Marc Aronstam Fine Jewelry in Indianapolis. Fully customizable, with endless combinations of stones, metals, shapes and sizes. Works just as beautifully for moms, daughters, graduations, weddings, you name it!

There you go! Thoughtful gift-giving solved. (You’re welcome!)

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