Roma Collection

Jewelry is not a new trend. People have been adorning themselves with bits of nature they picked up off the ground for thousands and thousands of years. But just because their processes were not as refined as our methods of today doesn’t mean their jewelry wasn’t beautiful.

I love the textures and the uniqueness of the hand-fabricated look ancient jewelry possesses. That’s why I decided to put together what I call my Roma Collection.

Most of these pieces are designed in the opulent tone of 18k yellow gold, but some pieces are done in sterling silver, or even gold and silver. They are finished with a hand-hammered texture to reflect a love of the warmth of gold. Diamond accents are bead-set after the methods of the era.

My Roma Collection features bezel-set cabochon colored stones because modern cutting techniques and understanding of optics didn’t exist 1,500+ years ago. The colors are rich and luxurious: pink and green and red tourmaline, sky blue aquamarine, flame orange spessartite, or sapphire and tanzanite the color of a twilit sky.

Of course, if you want me to create a custom piece just for you, you can pick your own colors and metals. If you know my work, you are probably aware of my adoration for colored stones, so you have quite a selection from which to choose.

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