See something you love at Aronstam Fine Jewelers? Wish list it!

See something you love at Aronstam Fine Jewelers- Wish list it!Sometimes you see the jewelry of your dreams on a hot Tuesday afternoon in July – with no anniversary in sight, and you’re not quite ready to scoop it up for yourself.

I think that’s what our wish list is for. And we have a sweet one at Aronstam Fine Jewelers. Our wish list does triple duty. It works for you, for him and for us.

How it works for you: We note your favorite item and write down all the particulars, so even if that piece should sell, we can order you another just like it. And if it is a custom piece, I will most happily create a new one for you. We also keep track of such things as ring size, gem stone preferences, and previous purchases. So – if you own an Aronstam pearl necklace with an interchangeable clasp, for instance, you may receive a different clasp – completely different from the one you already own.

It works for us, too. Fewer returns, more happy customers.

Wish lists work pretty well for him, too: It can be a tough to come up with just the right gift for someone at just the right time. Styles change, tastes change, sometimes ring sizes can change. Trust me, husbands, boyfriends and significant others like having a resource to help with gift giving. We want to get it right. We want to know you love what we picked out.

Our wish list a win-win-win at Aronstam Fine Jewelers. Come in this month, try a few things on, and let us help you track your favorites. 

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