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Topaz – November Birthstone

Pink champagne. Summer apricots. Salmon orange. Baby blue. Purely colorless. And all of them internally flawless. Topaz is one of a very few gemstones that grow to extravagant sizes without sacrificing internal clarity. Most are at least loupe-clean. And there are topaz crystals that have been cut down to faceted gems of better than 20,000…

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Meet Tracy, Aronstam’s on-premises graduate gemologist – She’s a gem!

Tracy is all about the inner – and outer beauty of our gemstones. As a graduate gemologist from GIA, she’s trained to use some of our more technical instruments. The most valuable and useful instrument to any gemologist is the microscope. Your average jeweler’s loupe has a 10x magnification.  Our microscope allows her to see…

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