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Handcrafted kaleidoscopes by Sue Rioux

Sue Rioux and I met many years ago at one of the East coast craft shows. As a designer and craftsman, she has been making fine handcrafted kaleidoscopes for about 20 years, working from her home studio in Kennebunk, Maine. When I saw the detail and expert workmanship of her pieces, I was blown away….

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Gifts for the guys, Part 2

This time of year, I thoroughly enjoy helping my many male clients choose the perfect gift for his wife, his mother, and often a daughter or two. But, as I said in Part 1 of this blog series, I’ve also got some amazing stuff for GUYS! Since men like upscale toys and collector stuff, I…

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Gifts for Guys

When you think of Indianapolis jewelry stores, you generally think about jewelry. And this time of year, when you think about Aronstam, I bet you think: “gifts for women.” Although I’ve got some truly heart-stopping holiday jewelry perfect for the women in your life… I’ve also got some cool stuff for GUYS! Men like stuff…

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