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Jewelry appraisals – a very smart thing to do

Do you know what your jewelry is worth? The answer may surprise you. Worldwide precious metal markets are constantly in flux – but almost always on the increase. Gold is a great example. From a low of around $300 per ounce about ten years ago, the price of gold today is about $1300 per ounce….

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Spring clean your jewelry box –and recycle your ‘unwanteds’ into new!

Spring is upon us and for many, that means sorting through closets, getting rid of unworn and outdated clothing as the season changes. So — why not do the same thing with your jewelry? What I tell my clients is to bring me everything they don’t wear any more and let me show you what…

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Update your Appraisals

As the price of gold rises, so does the likelihood of theft… A couple came into the store the other day, looking at several rings and considering a beautiful pearl necklace. As we got to talking, I discovered the reason for their visit. Their home had been broken into and among the articles taken were…

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