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Springtime Colors

Spring gives pastel colors their biggest stage of the year. The strong jewel tones have not yet developed in nature during March or April. Spring fashion has always revolved around pastel colors. That’s not a trend; it’s historical precedent. With pastels in mind, one group of minerals stands out as dominating that color tone palate:…

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The Green Garnets

Most people born in January know their birthstone is the garnet. Most people who know that think of garnets as red. Predominantly, that’s true. Of the six species of garnet, one is exclusively red, and three others grow in – if not true red – very warm tones from orangey red to brownish red. But…

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Marc Aronstam on color-change gem stones

Gem stones are amazing things. The science and nature-loving geek in me loves to study each gem before I ever consider how it might look housed in a ring or a necklace. Particularly fascinating to me are the gems that change from one color to another depending on the type of light, from red to…

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