The Alisa collection. Fresh & traditional.

alisa4-pWhat gives this Italian-made Alisa brand its cachet? I’ll tell you, because I’m a fan, and have been since we began carrying the collection. It’s because the Alisa collection is well made, affordable, and perfect for business and casual lifestyles.

The designs are also elegant and simple, cast in 18k gold and sterling silver. I find they appeal just as much to mature tastes as they appeal to young tastes. The designs have longevity, too. An Alisa ring you bought eight years ago will still have classic chic design appeal today.

Of course, there is something about those words “Made in Italy.” Italian-designed jewelry has long been synonymous with creativity, good design and quality craftsmanship. It’s true for Italian food and Italian wine, too. That Italian label is appealing to the most discriminating taste.

I will say that if you haven’t checked in on Alisa designs lately, you should. From neck chains to chunky semi-precious stoned rings to new takes on classic silver and gold Alisa bangles, this year’s collection really rocks!

Alisa jewelry is the jewelry you will wear all the time. Both fresh and traditional, it’s totally wearable with jeans, business suits, and then, out to dinner. Very versatile, and particularly well-suited for gals who can be …. uh…. let’s just say a little ‘harder’ on their rings and bracelets.

Alisa at Aronstam Fine Jewelers. A touch of Italian design in the heart of north side Indy.

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