The Aronstam custom of creating new custom jewelry from heirlooms

The Aronstam custom of creating new custom jewelry from heirloomsIn many families it is custom to give a gift of jewelry for special occasions. Sometimes in honor of significant birthday or anniversary, sometimes for a holiday.

Maybe you received an extraordinary family piece from someone special this year, or inherited a ring or a brooch from someone years ago. If so, I guarantee that the giver wanted you to actually WEAR the piece or make it your own.

At Aronstam Fine Jewelers, I specialize in creating new heirlooms from old.

Older and inherited pieces are fantastic to rework into something new that tells a story of people or events in your past. How would you like to wear a new ring that has 3 generations of your family within it? Maybe your mother’s and grandmother’s diamonds in a new band for YOU to pass down?

At Aronstam, we know how to work with old gold and silver, delicate settings, and unstable or broken stones. Rings can be sized up or down, and stones can be replaced or re-set. Brooches can be recreated as necklaces, and necklaces re-designed as rings. Earrings often work as pendants, and vice versa. Sometimes several pieces can be re-imagined into one new piece. Or gemstones from a single piece designed into something completely new.

Truly, the possibilities are endless as to what can be created anew from older pieces. Often we can keep much of the original piece to retain its sentiment and its feel. Or not, if you’d prefer to create something more modern and in keeping with your personality.

Let’s schedule some time to talk. First about the piece, then about the person who gave it to you, and finally, how you imagine wearing it. I want to see you wearing your heirloom, honoring and remembering the person who gave it to you …and custom designed for the person you are.

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