The gift that keeps on giving: Aronstam interchangeable clasp necklaces

Aronstam interchangeable clasp necklacesSeveral years ago, I was came across a mechanism that allowed me to design clasps and pendants which could be seamlessly interchanged from one piece of jewelry to another. My appreciation of jewelry versatility was about to take off!

I started designing a collection of interchangeable clasps and pendants, and showing those from other designers from Europe with the same mindset. The full collection Aronstam now has is specially designed to connect to any necklace or strand of pearls that has been fitted with our special ends. I can even convert your existing pieces to be interchangeable items.

With an Aronstam interchangeable clasp, “simple pearls” can host a diamond studded clasp and head out to dinner. Another evening, with another twist and another clasp, tone the pearls down to casual with a brushed steel and onyx clasp. But pearls are just the tip of the iceberg!

The necklace shown here is chisel-cut bronzite from Germany, giving the necklace a very natural texture and contrast to the refined look of the clasp. In platinum and 18karat yellow gold, this changeable Aronstam clasp is reversible — diamonds and yellow gold on one side — or turn it over for a simple monochromatic platinum look.  This is a perfect example of one pendant with many looks. Take it from the gold/ bronze tones of the bronzite, to multicolor Tahitian pearls, or an oxidized sterling and gold link necklace. Casual, dressy and art all in one grouping.

I carry all kinds of these necklaces, from brown natural stingray to thin brushed steel strands, black rubber to 14k gold, bronzite stones to crystalized hermatite. Each strand has connectors at both ends, giving the owner an infinite number of ways to wear the necklace, depending on the interchangeable connector pendant she adds. These are necklaces to expand your wardrobe into the very avant garde, cool look that I am known for.

I have to say that I can’t think of a better holiday gift for a lady of any age. Consider restringing her pearls with connectors, a relatively quick process at Aronstam Jewelers, and well worth the time and energy to do. Once her pearls have been fitted, simply add a connector clasp and the possibilities have begun! Add another clasp to her collection at birthdays and anniversaries. The great thing about the whole system is everything works with everything else.

Or consider updating her collection with several new Aronstam clasp-enabled necklaces. The result? Endless creativity, endless looks, endless fun! And absolutely the holiday gift that keeps on giving!

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