Valentine’s Day

1-1 Feb #1 valentines-dayValentine’s Day is right around the corner. In fact, it’s not even two weeks away. February 14th sneaks up on people every year, and I always have someone rushing in the door five minutes before close on the 13th.

I know I can’t prevent the last-minute stop. I’ve tried to get guys to be proactive about it for years, but it’s not changing. So I might as well arm you all with some ideas to consider as you drive over to see me after work on the 13th.

One of the things I’ve been stocking up on lately is strands of rough-cut gems. The layered look is extremely fashionable. The necklaces are typically long, single strands that can be doubled, as well as layered with other necklaces for a great look. Margo Morrison and Gellner are two of my mainstays in building this style, but I’ve laid out a few patterns that we have strung, too. I have a fairly wide selection from which to choose, and it spans a broad swathe of price ranges, starting at about $500.

One thing I’m known for is interchangeable necklace clasps. I string pearls, rough-cut and/or faceted gems, and other underappreciated – but beautiful – materials with the hardware to accommodate the interchangeable clasps. The clasps can take just about any form. I design and produce many of my own right here in my shop, but Gellner, Jorg Heinz, and Marcel Roelofs also create some amazing pieces.

On that note, I have a brand new selection of clasps from German designer Marcel Roelofs. Marcel makes many of his clasps from dichroic Murano glass. They’re gorgeous, totally unique, and they range from neutral tones to bright and glitzy. Even better: there isn’t one that’s more than $150.

It just so happens that February 13th falls on a Thursday this year. Thursday is my late night during the week at the store. So if you find yourself in need of a last minute Valentine’s Day shopping excursion, I’ll be open two hours longer than normal – that’s until 8PM. I’m not encouraging the last-minute mentality, but if there’s no way to avoid it, I’ve got your back.

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