Vintage Jewelry Now in Vogue

Melissa Zoccola 2Vintage and antique jewelry is big news for spring – and Aronstam Jewelers has many long neck chains, pendants and earrings that express that look — beautifully. If you like this trend, watch for gold or silver jewelry with a distressed or darker finishes as well as colored finishes. Look for bronzed and burnished gold, and matte finishes on chains, brooches, bracelets, earrings, watches, and rings.

Gold comes in colors? Absolutely! While pure gold is a rich, buttery yellow in color, gold can be developed in various colors by adding different alloy metals. For instance, the addition of palladium (a European standard) will color gold white (white gold), and the addition of copper will take on a reddish hue (rose gold). Adding a higher silver content to the mix leans the metal to a greenish color, often used as an alternative in 18k. I’m a fan of rose gold, as I love the warmth it can give to a piece of jewelry. It looks beautiful against your skin as well and combines perfectly with white gold or platinum.

Want a way to achieve the vintage look with true originality? Consider a one-of-a-kind piece. Bring in your grandmother’s brooch and we can begin there, or let’s talk about what you want and come up with something unique.

Here’s how I created an original piece of fine jewelry for a good customer and friend of mine:

“Marc designed a diamond-shaped white gold pendant for me, knowing how much I love the look of antique jewelry. The pendant has two different faces, one sapphire with diamonds, and the other, adorned with pearls. He set the pendant off beautifully with an antique white gold chain with a custom hook, so I can wear the pendant long, short, or double-stranded. In essence, I have a single pendant I can wear six different ways. How cool is that?”

(– Melissa Lawyer Zoccola)

Antique look, but one of a kind. And very on trend right now!

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