What defines Aronstam custom jewelry designs?

marc-aronstamDesigner jewelry is often easy to spot by its trademark “look” or “signature design.” I’m happy to say that hasn’t happened to me. I don’t want to get placed in a certain design category.

I like to explore and have fun when I create a custom piece of jewelry. When I am looking at a gem stone, a design begins to flow around how that stone “feels” to me. Sometimes a stark, simple and contemporary look will best showcase a beautiful stone. Other times, my designs become more intricate and elaborate as I incorporate other gems as accents to highlight a beautifully cut gem stone.

So although I enjoy being known for my original custom work, I am also very satisfied to know that my work will never be pigeon-holed as simple and elegant — or elaborate and intricate. Instead, perfect for the gem stone and the wearer.

Contemporary or traditional, I want every one of my custom pieces to speak to the woman or man who wears it. When the design really works for the person for which it is intended, the wearer is happy. And I’m happy.

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