Varna bridal whispers romance – built around your dreams

varna3-pVarna jewelry takes its name from Varna, Bulgaria, a center for fine jewelry craftsmanship. That’s where my friend Garo first began learning his craft, before bringing his world-renowned craftsmanship to Los Angeles, California. Varna was the first to bring a renaissance to hand engraved vintage designs, the first of the main designers of this realm.

Whether contemporary or vintage in style, each piece of Varna platinum jewelry is a one-of-a-kind work of art, completely hand fabricated by experienced artisans in Garo’s studio. As a craftsman and designer myself, I am astounded at what Varna craftsmen can do. In fact, I work hand-in-hand with them to finish some of my most intricately detailed custom platinum work, knowing the work will be the most finely detailed I could ask for.

Varna’s designs and collections have grown extensively over the years. When I first introduced their designs many years ago, a client about 80 years old came by to comment on the beauty of this style of design and their quality. I thanked her and she said she had something to show me. When she held out her hand, the ring she was wearing was a design that could have been one of Varna’s own.  She told me this was her original engagement ring, which was over 55 years old, and she wanted to compliment me on bringing such romance and beauty in design back for people to enjoy again.

I never would have imagined how much clients love both the designs and superb hand craftsmanship of Varna Platinum. They approach each piece we create on a personal level where it exclusively created around a center diamond and a bride’s dreams. Come take a look at the Varna collection at Aronstam Fine Jewelry. In platinum, or 18k white, yellow or rose gold, and set with a variety of exquisite, beautifully shaped diamonds and gem stones.

P.S. (If you see a Varna setting you like, but wish you could add or combine a feature or two, we can make sure that happens. Bring in your grandmother’s diamond and we can make that a part of your set, too.)

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