As a jeweler, this time of year is always about the ladies. I don’t hear much about guys during wedding season outside of desperate last-minute scrambles to get the groom a wedding band. But dropped right in the middle of it all is Father’s Day: a day exclusively reserved for men.

For some reason, shopping for dads always seems to be a perplexing endeavor. After enough years go by, kids and wives start running out of ideas. You can only buy a man so many neckties before he starts using them for tie-downs on his pickup.

So what does a jeweler have to say about Father’s Day? My having an opinion about Mother’s Day makes sense, since jewelry is always a viable option for a lady. That works for some guys, but most men aren’t jewelry nuts, and some refuse to wear any at all beyond a watch and a wedding ring.

Well, as anyone who has set foot in my showroom can attest, I am not a typical jeweler. Gents’ goods are hardly limited to watches and wedding rings. Luckily, I carry a line that proves that notion.

Enter Colibri.

For over 80 years, Colibri has been making a quality product. They started by making lighters, but the modern Colibri now produces a fine selection of everyday-friendly, functional accessories for gentlemen. Men like things that do stuff, after all.

Naturally, anyone who enjoys the occasional cigar needs a lighter, but they also need a cutter. Colibri makes them. Got a dad who wears a suit to work? Colibri makes beautiful stainless steel cuff links with all kinds of cool inlays and stylish finishes. Sleek-looking pens with high-quality cartridges and recurve tension money clips are things that he can use every single day.

Every time he signs his name, or fastens his cuffs, or snaps that cutter open, he’ll think of the Father’s Day he received it, and who presented it to him.

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