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Why Solder Your Rings Together?

Wedding season is entering the 7th Inning Stretch, and so there’s a practical decision looming on the horizon for brides coming back from their honeymoons. Or maybe your wedding is coming up in the last half of this year; this is a question you’ll eventually have to answer, as well. “Should I get my wedding…

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As a jeweler, this time of year is always about the ladies. I don’t hear much about guys during wedding season outside of desperate last-minute scrambles to get the groom a wedding band. But dropped right in the middle of it all is Father’s Day: a day exclusively reserved for men. For some reason, shopping…

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Marc Aronstam on custom engagement & wedding rings

One of my favorite custom design scenarios is to design engagement and wedding rings. That’s because I feel strongly that these rings are much more than a promise to love and cherish for a lifetime. I believe custom engagement rings and wedding bands offer a look inside the soul, the story and the partnership of…

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