Indianapolis jeweler specializes in the unique

Indianapolis jeweler specializes in the unique“I don’t want to simply make a product I can sell a hundred of. What I love is working with people, designing the perfect piece for them. My best advertising is my custom work. Custom IS my normal.” – Marc Aronstam

I like that quote. I’m comfortable knowing I’m known for being different. I do think differently and it serves me – and my customers – very well.

Thinking differently is a good thing, when it comes to creating unique custom jewelry. The way I think inspires me to “see” interesting, creative ideas around gemstones, and around the people I am creating for.

When I’m designing a unique jewelry piece for example, I look at the woman’s hand and the shape of her fingers. I look at the features of the stone, its size, shape, and character, and then I imagine what would maximize both the beauty of the stone and its impact on that woman’s hand. I see things in the air, sketch them to show my client what I am thinking, and re-sketch until I achieve just the right balance between stone, metal and my customer’s taste.  It’s a journey of thought and proportion, and one that speaks to the very essence of what I do — and I thoroughly enjoy it!

That said, I’m always open to my customer’s unique jewelry design ideas. I can’t tell you how many times someone will come in with a photo or a sketch of something that speaks to them. Sometimes it’s a piece of antique jewelry that’s been in the family for years that is begging for an update – perhaps one that is in keeping of a family tradition. I totally get that, too. I’m just as happy to work with this as a focal point and help create what my customer has in his or her mind.

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the best time to come in and talk custom with me at Aronstam Fine Jewelers. Bring in your custom and unique jewelry ideas, your sketches, and if possible, the person who will wear the jewelry piece. And I really mean this next part:  Let’s have fun creating the most original, mesmerizing piece of custom jewelry imaginable!

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