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How about that jewelry you’re NOT wearing?

Chances are very good that you have plenty of good jewelry that, for one reason or another, you simply aren’t wearing. The ring that doesn’t fit, gold chains that are no longer in style, a brooch or ring that you may have inherited or received for a birthday that didn’t suit you, and probably half…

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Rich, Hand Wrought, Byzantine and Gorgeous

If it were possible to sum up the Kurtulan line of jewelry at Aronstam Fine Jewelers, this description would come close. Designed in Turkey, the line is culture-specific and exotic, a blend of old and new, ancient and modern. The unique jewelry line absolutely stands out – especially with startling pairings of 24k yellow gold…

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Indianapolis jeweler specializes in the unique

“I don’t want to simply make a product I can sell a hundred of. What I love is working with people, designing the perfect piece for them. My best advertising is my custom work. Custom IS my normal.” – Marc Aronstam I like that quote. I’m comfortable knowing I’m known for being different. I do…

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