My newest interchangeable pendant

MSA interchangable pendantAs many of my clients know, I have a lot of gemstones to work with.  Some are recent finds at shows, or from cutters I work with in the US and around the world.  This one contains an assembled gemstone called and intarsia, by Steve Walters, one of my favorite cutters because of his shapes and combinations.

This piece is a custom-made chrysocolla, diamond and cuprite interchangeable pendant, and it turned out beautifully.

The top half is chrysocolla, is a very lightweight gem stone generally found in the southwest US, Chili, Zaire, and Australia. Uniquely blue-green in color because of the copper deposits in the stone, it is often confused with turquoise. This particular piece has a milky translucent look I really liked.

I encased the chrysocolla in 18k white gold edge and “bead set” the edge in diamonds. Another line of gold separates the top stone from its counterpart, beautiful red/orange cuprite, another stone mined in the Ural mountains with copper content. This cuprite features flashes of turquoise, highlighting the chrysocolla above.

The entire pendant was carefully pulled together with 18k yellow gold, top and bottom, with an interchangeable pendant clasp system. The specially designed clasp means the pendant can attach as easily to this strand of beautiful Tahitian pearls, as it can your classic white pearls, or maybe a black stingray cord necklace.

Come by and take a look at this and the many other one-of-a-kind pieces of mine at the store. Available at Aronstam Fine Jewelry, right here, at Keystone at the Crossing.

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